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Donna Rae & Henry's Story

Henry  and Donna Rae were no strangers to Florida having spent part of the  year (6 months and 1 day to be exact) in the Hallandale Beach area on  the southeast coast.  While they loved their time in Florida, they found  themselves craving a quieter lifestyle.  A friend suggested Longboat  Key and neither Henry nor Donna Rae had ever heard of it.  They checked  out Zillow and quickly saw a property of interest.  They clicked that  little button on Zillow that makes an agent appear and that is how they  met Mike and Eric. 

Mike explained  how Zillow worked and shared more information about the area and what  made it special.  Mike then spent the time needed with Henry and Donna  Rae to really learn about what they were looking for.  After a few phone  calls back and forth, Henry and Donna Rae decided it was time to take a  trip over to Longboat Key and start looking for their next home.  They  quickly found a great contender but it needed a lot of work which seemed  daunting.  Mike quickly lined up contractors and landscapers to arrange  for quotes so that Henry and Donna Rae could make an informed  decision.

After hearing all the  right answers to their questions, they opted for the home that needed  renovations.  Mike would not finalize the deal until he felt that Henry  and Donna Rae were 100% confident in their decision…knowing that taking  on a hefty renovation is not a decision to be made lightly.  Confident  in their decision, Henry and Donna Rae moved forward.  Closing from a  distance is never easy, but Mike and Eric were there every step of the  way.  What struck Henry was that the dedication shown all through the  sale did not end at the closing.  Rather Mike and Eric repeatedly  offered to help through the transition and renovation since Henry and  Donna Rae were not in town. 

Mike and  Eric provided Henry and Donna Rae with the exact high touch, high  service they needed.  Mike’s immediate response and attention to service  before they were ever on the ground continued to amaze Henry and Donna  Rae who had met many realtors before and been through many real estate  transactions in their life.  Team Renick’s service after the sale just  seemed like the ‘cherry on an already great sundae’ in Henry’s opinion.

Henry  and Donna Rae highly recommend Team Renick whether you are local or  thousands of miles away.  They know the area, they know real estate and  most importantly they know how to provide top notch customer service.   Henry welcomes emails anytime if you are considering Team Renick.   Email him at [email protected]

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