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Ralph's Story

Team Renick is a very professional set of seasoned guys.  There were one of the best Realtors I've ever dealt with.  I would highly recommend them.  I would say that they are sharks.

From Mike:

We enjoy and have found success working with clients from various age groups.  Ralph, is one of our many millennial clients and is now a big fan of Team Renick.  I asked him to define for us what he meant by the term "sharks".  He pointed me to the following from the web:

“Shark” is a term that originated from poker.A shark is a term used to describe a player with a tight- aggressive play style. This means that they fold the majority of their hands, but when they do play a hand, they usually make big, well placed bets. Most sharks are very good players.  


Eric and I are proud to have Ralph among our happy list of clients and to have learned something new from him!  

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