Your Journey Begins Here....

Our focus is on You:

Your Real Estate Experience begins when you first contact Team Renick, but it does not end with the purchase or sale.  There are many programs that we offer at no charge after the sale is complete.  It is so much more than selling and buying a much more! 

We understand that your experience is all about you!  Our role is to help you achieve your personal goal.  We focus on providing a "high touch", personalized, concierge, service for our clients.  The focus is on you and your required outcomes!  We measure client satisfaction for each and every deal.  We call this the "Quality approach to real estate.  We do not strive to have our names in the newspapers for the most number of deals.  We work hard to have a smaller number of "super satisfied" clients!  

We thoroughly understand each phase of the real estate process and work tirelessly to simplify the experience from your perspective and to leverage each step for your advantage.  Many of our clients have found this sometimes, complicated and frustrating process, quite enjoyable when working with us.

Here is one small example of our focus on you:

  1.  We provide our personal cell numbers so you have access to us, when it's convenient for you!  Yes, we have an office number (941-229-0000) but you won't find that on our business cards.  Our cards display our personal numbers.  
  2. We welcome phone calls seven days a week from 7 a.m. E.T. until 10 p.m. E.T.

Even with all the technology available today, and we do understand how to leverage these tools for your advantage, it really comes down to one very important trait that separates us from the others.  That is plain old fashion hard work.  You will find us, early in the morning, and late into the evenings working hard to find that property or buyer that you are looking for. Technology will never replace hard work.  

Not our Approach:

Some agents focus on maximizing the number of buyers and sellers they can sign up in a year.  They are not necessarily interested in your experience.  

Their objective is the total number of deals they can "put on the books".  They talk about quality but it is NOT a "measured" outcome. These are the "numbers" reported in the newspapers; total sales.  We call this the "Quantity" approach to real estate.  These agents work with as many clients as possible without focusing on each client's goal. They believe that success is all in the numbers.  

Agents who work to maximize "the numbers" simply don't have the time necessary to devote to you as an individual, the time that you require and quite frankly the time that you deserve.  This might work well if you were planning to purchase office supplies or a new book to read, but it certainly isn't effective in helping you achieve your real estate goals! 

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