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The Seller Experience

Discover what sets our team apart and the process we take to sell your home, today.

Here is what we understand

Your property is unique.

It deserves to be marketed as such. We believe that no two properties are the same, each with a unique story. Our job is to tell this story and make you fall in love. We want you to fall head over heels and get swept off your feet by your own listing. Why? Because then buyers will do the same.

We create an experience.

Current tools & technology make it quite simple to list a property for sale. By entering information into the MLS system, clicking a button, the average Real Estate Agent can automatically have their listings appear for sale online and in front of buyers.

We don’t do average. Ever. We certainly don’t do what ‘most’ Realtors do. We push harder. We don’t just promise, we deliver. We customize everything. We create an experience. 

Wondering what this means for you? Keep reading about the TOP REASONS WHY, when you list with us, YOU WILL LOVE YOUR LISTING.

What do we include in our Marketing Plan?

Professional Photography

Home Video



Mailers to


Professional Photography

Our focus it two fold; the area around your home as well as your home, itself.  It is important that both stories are told!

Once we tell the story of the outside of your property, we move inside and let that shine as well.  This is where it changes from a house to a HOME!

Facebook Live Sessions

Don't be fooled that any agent can put your home on their Facebook and get the results we are getting. We are currently generating 50-200+ potential buyer inquiries per ad in just 2-3 days! Other agents, with their best efforts, may take months to capture this many inquiries! 

Facebook has become a marketing powerhouse. We will create a custom Facebook marketing campaign for your property that reaches thousands of potential buyers, plus choose only the best demographics for your area. Bottom line? We know how to turn likes into Leads!

Join the fun and give us a like!

Over a period of just one month, our Facebook ads were seen thousands times. Yes, we said THOUSANDS.

We understand people don't go to Facebook to buy a home. But we know the people who are buying homes are on Facebook.

More than once, we've heard stories like: "We weren't looking to buy a home, but we saw your listing on Facebook and realized we had to have it". or "When it came time to buy a house we remembered you from Facebook and all the amazing properties you showcased."

Any good strategy requires a multi-tiered approach.  We recognize that and deliver each and every week.  We do not only use Facebook to highlight our listings...we also use Facebook to become "the online concierge" for the communities we serve.  We do this by blogging about area events and/or topics that locals want to to learn about.  We help paint the picture of the ideal place to relocate.

Our advanced and targeted Facebook marketing reaches thousands of potential home buyers, weekly.

We leverage 3D technology so your prospective buyers can experience all of the fine attributes of your home but on their own schedule!  

We Maintain An Exclusive Database of Buyers

How does this help you and your property?  It means we have a database FULL of potential buyers who have already decided this is the area for them and they are just waiting for the property they will fall in love with...and maybe, just maybe it will be YOURS!

We regularly email your home to our database full of interested buyers.

Does it make a difference?  Yes It does!

We know that the best way to make sure your home sells for its full value is to make it look great and show it to a lot of people.

We know that sites like Zillow, Realtor and Trulia are still buyer’s primary way of searching for homes and we have mastered them. named us in the Top 20 agents at converting internet leads!  This means the potential buyers are not only being directed to us but we know how to turn them into BUYERS of your property!

Our listings are protected on these sites.  Many agents do not do this but we do it with 100% of our listings which means when someone has a question about your property, only an experienced agent who is familiar with your listing will be taking that call.

We know how to finesse our listings on these sites so that our listings rise to the top…most other agents do not know how to do this!

Finally, Zillow and Realtor frequently call US for their input and suggestions.  We are recognized as masters in lead conversion.  Getting the leads from these sites is only half the battle…We know what to do once the lead in is our inbox and that directly benefits you the seller!

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