Back in 2017, Eric and I were having a stand-out year.  This brought many brokerages to our door steps looking for us to join forces!  While each one of those offers were excellent and Eric and I have the utmost respect for all of them, ultimately Keller Williams On the Water won out and here is why:

🔴 Team Renick’s path to success was on the rise.  Our sales were growing at a record pace and we wanted to continue to grow and strengthen the processes we already had in place.

🔴 We did not want nor need to be micro-managed, but rather to have a team around us that was there when we needed them.

🔴 At Team Renick ethics are something we hold dear.  There is no compromise on this…EVER.  KW’s business model was in line with what we believed in and we felt we could continue to build on this foundation as we have under their leadership.

🔴 We are innovators.  We have adopted strategies that have pushed us ahead of our competition.  We did this by always innovating.  The team we joined needed to not only understand this, but also needed to allow us to have the independence to continue in a forward direction in this regard.  KW’s corporate structure favored this, which allowed Eric and I the freedom to do what we do best!

🔴 Team Renick has been and always will be leading the path when it comes to technology...I am a retired IT guy after all, it’s in my blood!  KW continues to innovate in this regard.  If you want the latest and greatest tools, then you will want to join this team of pioneers!

🔴 Finally, let’s talk commission split.  KW On the Water offered our Team a very favorable and generous commission split which I can share more about when we chat.

I can’t tell you if KW On the Water is right for you.  What I can tell you is that my Team was on a path to success.  We had the tools, processes and people in place to take things to the next level.  As part of KW On the Water, our Team is having a record breaking year and there is no end in sight!


If you want to have an honest talk about what KW On the Water can do for your career, then give me a call today or share your contact information with me and I’ll reach out to you.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to have this conversation and see what your future could look like?

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